Faculty by Program Area

Profile Photo Display Name Appointment Title(s) Program Areas
Mark S Aber Associate Head and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Professor Clinical-Community
Dolores Albarracin Professor Social-Personality
Nicole E Allen Associate Head and Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Clinical-Community
Renee L Baillargeon Professor, Alumni Professor Developmental Psychology
Aron Keith Barbey Professor Cognitive Neuroscience
Diane M Beck Assistant Head for Information and Communication, Professor Attention & Perception, Cognitive Neuroscience
Aaron S Benjamin Professor Cognitive Psychology
Howard Berenbaum Professor Clinical-Community
Daniel Andrew Briley Assistant Professor Social-Personality
Simona Buetti Attention & Perception
Man Pui Sally Chan Research Assistant Professor Social-Personality
Amy Cohen Director, Psychological Services Center (PSC) Clinical-Community
Dov Cohen Professor Social-Personality
Joseph Rich Cohen Assistant Professor Clinical-Community
Neal J Cohen Professor Cognitive Neuroscience
Gary S Dell Professor Cognitive Psychology
Jaime Lane Derringer Assistant Professor Social-Personality
Florin Dolcos Associate Professor Cognitive Neuroscience
Sanda Dolcos Research Assistant Professor
Fritz Drasgow Professor Industrial-Organizational
Monica Fabiani Assistant Head for Faculty Development, Professor Cognitive Neuroscience
Catharine Edith Ann Fairbairn Assistant Professor Clinical-Community
Kara D Federmeier Professor Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology
Cynthia L Fisher Professor Developmental Psychology
R. Chris Fraley Professor Social-Personality
Gabriele Gratton Professor Cognitive Neuroscience
Joshua M Gulley Associate Professor Behavioral Neuroscience
Benjamin L Hankin Professor, Fred and Ruby Kanfer Endowed Professor Clinical-Community
Wendy Heller Head, Professor Clinical-Community, Cognitive Neuroscience
James R Hinman Assistant Professor Behavioral Neuroscience
John E Hummel Assistant Head for Infrastructure and Operations, Professor Attention & Perception, Cognitive Psychology
Carla Desi-Ann Hunter Associate Professor Clinical-Community
Daniel Hyde Associate Professor Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Janice M Juraska Professor Behavioral Neuroscience
Hans Friedrich Koehn Associate Professor Quantitative Psychology
Thomas Richard Kwapil Professor Clinical-Community
Heidemarie Kaiser Laurent Associate Professor Clinical-Community
Sean Michael Laurent Assistant Professor Social-Personality
Nu-Chu Liang Assistant Professor Behavioral Neuroscience
Yihao Liu Assistant Professor Industrial-Organizational
Alejandro Lleras Assistant Head for Diversity and Inclusion, Professor Attention & Perception
Mikhail Lyubansky Teaching Associate Professor Clinical-Community
Christopher Menard Clinical Assistant Professor Clinical-Community
Andrea Miller Visiting Assistant Professor Social-Personality
Jessica L Montag Assistant Professor Cognitive Psychology
Daniel A Newman Professor Industrial-Organizational
Eva Marie Pomerantz Professor Developmental Psychology
Michel Regenwetter Professor Quantitative Psychology
Justin S Rhodes Professor Cognitive Neuroscience
Brent W Roberts Professor Social-Personality
James Rounds Professor Industrial-Organizational, Quantitative Psychology, Social-Personality
Karen D Rudolph Professor Developmental Psychology
Sepideh Sadaghiani Assistant Professor Cognitive Neuroscience
Lili Sahakyan Associate Professor Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience
Christine Shenouda Teaching Assistant Professor Developmental Psychology
Daniel J Simons Professor Attention & Perception
Thomas Kevin Srull Professor
Chadly Daniel Stern Assistant Professor Social-Personality
Caroline Tancredy Director, Masters of Science in Psychological Science (MSPS), Teaching Assistant Professor Social-Personality
Nathan R Todd Associate Professor Clinical-Community
Lisa Travis Senior Lecturer Developmental Psychology
Michelle Yongmei Wang Associate Professor Quantitative Psychology
Ranxiao Frances Wang Professor Attention & Perception
Jon Anthony Willits Assistant Professor Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology