Dov Cohen



Ph.D. from the University of Michigan

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Information Trust Institute
Professor, College of Law

Recent Publications

Cohen, D., & Shin, F. (2020). Institutional inversion and the connection between collective attitudes and behavior. Current Opinion in Psychology, 32, 133-137.

Cohen, D., Shin, F., & Liu, X. (2019). Meanings and Functions of Money in Different Cultural Milieus. Annual review of psychology, 70, 475-497.

Ondish, P., Cohen, D., Lucas, K. W., & Vandello, J. (2019). The Resonance of Metaphor: Evidence for Latino Preferences for Metaphor and Analogy. Personality and social psychology bulletin, 45(11), 1531-1548.

Cohen, D., Hernandez, I., Gruschow, K., Nowak, A., Gelfand, M. J., & Borkowski, W. (2018). Rationally irrational? The ecologies and economics of honor. In Socio-Economic Environment and Human Psychology: Social, Ecological, and Cultural Perspectives (pp. 77-102). Oxford University Press.

Cohen, D., Kim, E., & Hudson, N. W. (2018). Religion, repulsion, and reaction formation: Transforming repellent attractions and repulsions. Journal of personality and social psychology, 115(3), 564-584.

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