Why Study Psychology at Illinois

World Renowned Faculty

Over the 100 year history of the department, our faculty members have made significant contributions both to the profession and to the development of individual students.  Our faculty maintains an international reputation of cutting-edge research and outstanding scholarship in their respective fields.  They are well respected and well published, and they assertively pursue grants for their research, all of which provide opportunities and support for graduate students as well as undergraduate students.

Commitment to students

Faculty expertise and diversity of knowledge across the discipline, as well as their commitment to students, create a dynamic environment that attracts the highest-caliber graduate students and enhances our reputation as one of the premier psychology departments in the nation. Undergraduate students receive excellent instruction and have many opportunities to engage in research as undergraduate research assistants. For many undergraduate students these research experiences culminate in independent research projects for graduation with Distinction and Honors positioning them well for careers and graduate education.

Our Facilities 

The Psychology Building houses most of the departmental research facilities, including laboratories for research in human learning, animal learning, physiological psychology, animal motivation, human perception, social behavior, and other areas.  There are extensive computer facilities, a complete animal colony, and a well-equipped apparatus and instrument shop maintained and staffed by specialists on the design and production of equipment for psychological research.  The department operates a psychological services center, neuropsychological assessment center, and other research and training facilities outside its main building. 

In addition, the Beckman Institute on the University of Illinois campus provides access to a state- of-the-art, research-dedicated MR facility, which includes a 3-T research magnet as well as smaller magnets for animal research.  Other research facilities include multiple electrophysiology labs, animal electrophysiology, child development, and behavior labs.  Faculty members also have access to state-of-the-art flight and diving simulators and virtual reality suites (a four-sided Cave and a six-sided Cube) at the Beckman Institute.  Extensive computer services for all laboratories are available in the Psychology Department and the Beckman Institute.