Graduation Information

Psychology Virtual Convocation - link will be activated on Sunday, May 17.


Congratulations!  Please join us on May 17 for our online convocation.  You'll be able to view recorded videos from:

  • Welcome Message - Wendy Heller, Department Head
  • Greetings from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Feng Sheng Hu, Dean of LAS 
  • Commencement Address - Psychology Alumna Rebecca Darr (CEO, Wings Program, Inc).
  • Presentation of Ph.D. Candidates - Nicole Allen, Associate Head and Director of Graduate Studies, will read candidates' names and dissertation titles
  • Presentation of Masters Candidates - Caroline Tancredy, Director of Master of Science-Psychological Science Program, will read candidates' names and information
  • Bachelors Address - Gary Wszalek, Head Academic Advisor - no names will be read but can be found in pfd program 

Available in pdf format:

  • Convocation Program

Check back here on May 17 at 10am when the full Graduate site will be available.

For the university-wide virtual commencement event on May 16 visit this website and Facebook.



GraduateNotification of intent to graduate

In order to graduate, you must notify the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of your intent. This is done at the same time that you register for your final semester of classes through the student registration system. If, for some reason, you do not do so by the 10th day of class, contact your admissions/records officer. Otherwise, your name will not be added to the pending degree list, and the date of your degree award and diploma will be delayed. Also, you should be aware that if you are removed from the list, for any reason, such as dropping a required course, you cannot register for additional course work without the approval of the associate dean in LAS Student Academic Affairs.

Please note, indicating your intent to graduate does not automatically register you for the Commencement and convocation ceremonies. More information is available about other LAS and university-wide Commencement ceremonies.

Certifying your degree

The university establishes a degree certification date following the completion of each term. If you are on the graduation list you must complete all degree requirements—including requirements to formally announcement your candidacy for a degree—by the degree certification date for that term.

Find out what to do if you missed the certification deadline.


Students may participate in Commencement and convocation ceremonies prior to the completion of all degree requirements. To verify your eligibility to participate in a ceremony, contact your records officer, your academic advisor, or check