SONA Studies and Paid Experiments

Human research can't happen without the essential contributions of research volunteers. Are you interested in contributing to the research process by volunteering to participate? If so, click on the links below to explore ways to become involved. We currently host three main avenues to connect with ongoing research.


Course Credit Participant Pool

Managed with the SONA systems software, this is the primary means through which undergraduate students may participate in research studies for course credit. Note that for users wishing to register for paid research opportunities, there is a separate login portal for the Paid Research System.​​​​​​


Paid Research System

Managed with the SONA systems software, this is the central software portal used to connect individuals in the broader community with studies providing compensation for participation. Students wishing to participate in research for course credit should not use this portal, but instead log in through the Course Credit Participant Pool.


Other Study Postings

This provides a page displaying advertisements for specific ongoing studies. This is not an exhaustive list of all ongoing research in the department, but can help those interested in volunteering to explore current opportunities available.


Contact Information
For participant/credit/SONA-related technical questions, contact the Participant Pool Coordinator:
  • Meg Finnegan
  • Email:
  • Office: 305 Psychology
  • Office Hours: By appointment
HSC policy-related questions should be directed to the head of the HSC:
IRB-related questions should be directed to the Psychology Department's IRB representative:


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