MSPS | Master of Science in Psychological Science

  • MSPS Research Fair 2023
  • Sam DeHart, Class of 2023
  •  Tao Chen, Class of 2023
  •  Apoorva Nag, Class of 2023
  •  Le'Elle Davis, Class of 2023


The Master of Science in Psychological Science Degree at Illinois prepares emerging scholars  for doctoral level work or jobs in industry through engagement in advanced coursework, collaborative research with world renown scholars, and professional development targeted to master's students goals.


  • Student Spotlight: Hunter Meyers

    Hello! My name is Hunter Meyers, and I study industrial-organizational psychology under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Dan Newman and Dr. Jun-Yeob Kim, an alum of the Master of Science in Psychological Science (MSPS) and Industrial-Organizational PhD programs. Together, we are investigating the...

Message from the Director

Caroline Tancredy It is time to graduate another outstanding master’s class! We have had the privilege to mentor Austin Ashley, Kristina Howell, Hunter Meyers, Maggie Palmiero, Yinuo Peng, Ajith Senthil, Shuo Yan, Yuji Yao, and Chenhao Zhao. As Hunter describes in the Student Spotlight, master’s students enter the program with a range of experience. They work diligently to acquire the necessary tools and knowledge to conduct original research in their subfield. This pioneering group of students pursued research in a wide array of topics, such as parasocial relationships, how people recall trajectories of past...