Resources for an Inclusive Psychology

Department Resources

We value all individuals that make up the vibrant Psychology community at UIUC. To support the needs of those who work, study, and meet in our building, we have compiled a list of useful resources for individual needs. This is an evolving document, so please check back often. If you know of resources that you think should be listed here, please email the Librarian at to let us know!

Privacy Lounge

Located on the 6th floor of the Psychology Building, a Privacy Lounge is available to students, faculty, and staff needing some private space in the department. The room includes space for breastfeeding/pumping and a fridge to store milk. The Privacy Lounge is intended to provide a calm space to those in our community who need a moment. This space is not intended for studying and tables/chairs can be found in the atrium for this purpose. Those needing access can get a key from Melissa on the third floor. 

Gender Neutral Bathroom and Infant Changing Station

Our gender neutral bathrooms can be found on the first floor in main the lobby (next to the elevators) and in the southwest corner of the third floor (next to the service elevators). Both bathrooms also contain a baby changing station.