Recently Awarded Grants

Psychology faculty receive grants from a variety of funding agencies.

Fall 2021

We are proud to announce the following grants have been awarded to faculty in the Psychology Department during the Fall 2021 semester.


Professor Joseph Cohen was awarded a grant from the National Institute of Justice to develop trauma-informed and culturally-competent assessments for the risk of being involved in teen dating violence.


Professor Thomas Kwapil and Graduate Student Mahogany Monette received and American Psychological Association grant to examine how racial trauma may relate to the heightened risk of psychosis in Black Americans.


Professor Mark Aber along with Professor Nicole Allen, and Professor Nathan Todd were awarded a grant from the Champaign County Mental Health Board (Illinois) to evaluate local mental health services and to encourage the use of evaluation data to better inform agency services.


Professor Michel Regenwetter received a grant from the US Department of Agriculture to understand farmers' decisions for crop insurance and guide the creation of more robust insurance programs.


Professor Susu Zhang won a grant from the Institute of Education Sciences to understand the relationships between test-taking behavior and mathematics performance in children with disabilities.


Professor Catharine Fairbairn was awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop better estimates of blood alcohol content using transdermal sensors.


Professor Ben Hankin received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to examine how biological markers of inflammation relate to mothers' risk for postpartum depression.



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