Spring 2023 Psych 290 Opportunities in the Berenbaum Emotion And pSychopathology Team

Berenbaum Emotion And pSychopathology Team

We are looking for motivated undergraduate students to enroll in PSYC 290 to work on research examining emotion. We are currently conducting two studies. One study is examining the impact of emotion on reasoning and one study is examining the relation between pleasurable emotions and life experiences. More studies may be added over the course of the year.  In particular, our lab typically examines the relations between emotion and psychopathology.


If you are interested in applying to work with us, please contact us at:


hberenba@illinois.edu (Professor Howard Berenbaum)


Arianac3@illinoi.edu (Ariana Castro)


sdehart2@illinois.edu (Sam DeHart)


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