Fall 2023 Research Assistant (3-5) for the “Understanding eye movements in skilled and novice readers” project in Learning and Language Lab

Eye tracker and text displayed in three different parts of the visual field

This project aims to understand what skills, knowledge, and practice people need to become proficient readers. We conduct eye tracking studies with adolescents and adults to investigate how linguistic and visual factors guide eye movements during reading. Research assistants in this project help us run eye-tracking experiments and administer a range of behavioral online and off line tests with adult and adolescent populations. This is an excellent opportunity for students who would like to learn about vision, language and reading development. Students will receive training in cutting edge eye-tracking methods and analysis, and learn how to formulate and answer theoretically-motivated research questions.

For this project, we are looking for students with an appreciation for detail, critical thinking, responsible independent time management, and responsive communication. Curiosity, collaboration and respectful discussion with other project members, and taking initiative in problem-solving are valued and encouraged. Prior experience with EyeLink 1000+ eye-tracker, R and/or python is a plus but not required or expected. Desire to learn these skills is a must. Research assistants in our lab are expected to contribute nine hours of lab work each week and are asked to make a two-semester commitment due to the amount of training this position involves.

To apply if you are interested, please send your resume (or a CV) to the project lead, Anastasia Stoops (agusico2@illinois.edu) and complete the following survey


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