Fall 2022 Research Assistant - Daylong Language Environment project, Learning and Language Lab

In the Daylong Language Environment project we transcribe, code, and analyze audio data that captures the everyday language environments of infants and children through recorders they wore at home.  This audio gives us an extremely rich, complex, and interesting representation of how people actually speak when talking to children and to adults!  Research Assistants (RAs) in this project complete extensive transcription training with independent and group components, and in their first couple semesters focus on helping us transcribe the recordings.  Alongside this, RAs get to engage in project and lab-wide discussions in which they learn about the project’s context, plus broader research skills.  Contributing significantly to our project opens future opportunities for RAs to do independent research projects.

An appreciation for detail, critical thinking, responsible independent time management, and responsive communication are essential.  Curiosity, collaboration and respectful discussion with other project members, and initiative in problem-solving are valued and encouraged.  RAs in our lab are expected to contribute nine hours of lab work each week and are asked to make a two-semester commitment because the training we provide is a significant investment.

We are seeking a few students who are freshmen, sophomores, or juniors (from any major) to join our team as transcribers within the Learning and Language Lab.  Registering for PSYC 290 is optional; and there is no minimum GPA requirement for being part of the lab.  To apply, please contact our lab manager, Katherine Koch (kmkoch3@illinois.edu), and provide:

1. responses to these questions:
     a) Why are you interested in contributing to our lab and this project?
     b) In what ways do you work well independently?  In what ways do you work well collaboratively?

2. a completed ‘Psychology 290 Research Application’ (https://psychology.illinois.edu/system/files?file=2022-07/Psych290_info_form.pdf)
     a) Note: This form has various sections for stating prior and related experiences and skills.  You are encouraged to think broadly about the aspects of your background (experiences, skills, academics, interests, etc.) you believe are relevant to this project!
     b) Note: In the ‘Relevant coursework’ section, include any math, statistics, and computer science courses you have taken.


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