Jas Jacobson Has Been Awarded Our First Underrepresented Research Fellowship


Jas Jacobson is our inaugural recipient of the “Advanced Research Opportunity Honors Fellowship.” This fellowship provides support over three semesters of undergraduate research conducted toward the completion of an honors thesis in psychology. 

Jas is a third-year student currently working as a research assistant in the BEAST lab under the advisement of Professor Berenbaum.

She previously worked for the developmental psychology lab known as PEAR-STEM, Partnerships for Equity, Access, and Representation in STEM. There she studied the effectiveness of a Saturday STEM program for K-12 students who have been historically marginalized and underrepresented in STEM fields. This program concluded and evolved into what is now known as the IMAGINE-STEM project.

Jas also serves as a Resident Advisor at University Housing. In addition, she organizes cultural and diversity-related workshops and events for over 50 first and second-year residents. She participates in a crisis-response duty rotation to ensure the safety of over 600 residents as well.

Looking forward, Jas is focusing more on research through the Honors program in hopes it will give her more clarity and direction for possible career paths. She enjoys going to local concerts and laying out on the quad in her free time, especially on sunny days!

Congratulations, Jas!