Diversity and Inclusion Committee logo contest


Earlier this Spring, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee hosted a contest open to all members of our community (undergrads, grads, faculty, and staff). The goal was to create uplifting imagery that reflected a shared sense of community and identity in our department, as well as our values of openness and inclusion.


These were the winning submissions.



Psych Building




I like how the Psychology building doesn't require many details to represent and also is specific to UIUC. I think that the rainbow windows have a clean look, are uplifting, and nicely contrast the grey building. I explored including other elements related to diversity but adding complex details clashed with the building's simple design- Paul Bogdan



Word Cloud



I have noticed that for a lot of the school department logos they are plain and simple with usually just a representation of our school's I logo and the department name. I wanted to add a creative flair for the psychology department as I feel throughout my four years of being a psychology major and being a part of the research I have seen great innovation and creative methods of learning being displayed. I wanted to make it distinctly tied to the field of psychology while also displaying school pride. I am proud to be an Illini. I-L-L! -  Bisma Munir


PSI Hands



I wanted to come up with something that represented both inclusivity and psychology.  Then it occurred to me that the Psi symbol, which is often used as an abbreviation for psychology, looked like a person with their hands raised in celebration. And then by linking them together, I could have a diverse group of people holding hands in celebration. - Diane Beck