Chadly Stern Elected as CAS Fellow



Professor Chadly Stern has been selected to a appointment for the Center of Advanced Studies. This will allow Dr. Stern to pursue novel research under the support of the center and open interdiciplinary dialogue with other CAS researchers in order to ignite new directions in research. During his tenure, Dr. Stern will be examining conflict throughout the world.

The project will examine the precursors and consequences of disagreements in political attitudes across 40 years and 98 countries. This will be examined through three inter-related phenomena. First, the project aims to understand whether the structure of the legal system impacts the amount of disagreement among everyday citizens over time. Second, when changes in political attitudes have occurred, this study will track how well these fluctuations have predicted levels of conflict in a society. Finally, the study will attempt to answer whether there is a particular amount of attitude disagreement that shifts constructive disagreement toward the incitement of conflict. The results of this should help explain when and why conflict and instability might arise in a society.

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