Undergraduate Awards & Scholarships

Undergraduate Awards

tritsch award winner 2017Janet Tritsch Award

The Janet Tritsch Memorial Award has become a symbol of excellence for undergraduate psychology research at Illinois. The award was established in 1975 by the family and friends of Janet Tritsch, who, as an undergraduate student, was active in psychology research. The award recognizes outstanding research by an undergraduate working in any area of Psychology and is accompanied by a $500 prize.


Julie Sutton Osgood Awardosgood winner

This award was established in the memory of Julie Sutton Osgood, whose life was taken at age 28 by a drunk driver. Julie always wanted to be a doctor. As a psychology student at the University of Illinois, she was trained as an Emergency Medical Technician and worked summers for an ambulance company. After graduation, she completed a paramedic course and worked for the Superior Ambulance Company and then became their EMS coordinator through Christ Hospital and Hope Children's Hospital. A couple of years later, she attended Physician's Assistant School while she continued to work full time. The $500 award was created by the family of Julie Sutton Osgood and is intended to help students realize their dream of becoming either a Physician or another type of medical practitioner.


business people iconAlumni Professional Development Award

Psychology alumni have donated funds to the Shape the Future Today campaign to promote internships. They have created a Professional Development Award. This award will

  • Provide financial support for qualified undergraduate students in psychology who take on unpaid summer internships related to their field of interest .
  •  Be given to deserving students each year. Depending on the availability of funds and the quality of the application, 2 - 5 undergraduate psychology students will be awarded $1,000 - $2,500.