Summer-Fall 2024 Research Assistants for Interdisciplinary Lab for Social Development

smiling infant

We seek highly motivated, detail-oriented students who are interested in learning about early social and emotional development while gaining valuable research experience. Undergraduate research assistants will have the opportunity to work alongside faculty, graduate students, and project staff on a study of infant development using new technology developed by our interdisciplinary team. Research activities for the Spring 2024 semester and beyond including (a) annotation of audio recordings of infant and parent vocalizations using Praat software, and (b) coding of video recordings of infant and maternal behaviors using Datavyu software.  Additionally, students will attend weekly team meetings focused on speech annotation (or observational coding) and a monthly lab meeting focused on professional development (e.g., grad school applications, research presentations). Committing to the lab for two semesters is required. Students who show high levels of commitment and engagement will have opportunities for paid positions during the summer months. All positions for the SPRING 2024 have been filled. To apply for summer or fall 2024, please submit a PSYC290 application to Dr. McElwain (contact listed below). We will review applications for Summer and Fall 2024 semester by April 15th. For full consideration, please submit your application by April 6th.



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