Spring 2024 Research Assistant for the Meaning and Motivation Laboratory

The Motivation & Meaning Research Lab  is recruiting research assistants


Research Assistants in the M&M Lab help run CREATIVE studies on topics varying from meaning in life to motivation to emotions and intuition.

Students interested in a future in personality, social, or clinical psychology, as well as those interested in business administration, human resources, and social work can gain experience in this lab that will greatly benefit these goals. Students interested in learning more about statistics and research methods are especially encouraged to join.

Students can earn PSYC 290 course credit for their work in our lab or choose to apply as a volunteer.

If you are interested in becoming a research assistant, please complete an application downloaded from the website below and email it to Professor Sarah Ward at: mmlabuiuc@gmail.com

Applicants with research experience are prioritized so if you have experience please indicate that in your email. 


Website: tinyurl.com/uiucmm



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