Spring 2023 – Research Assistant for an EEG Experiment

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The Social, Cognitive, Personality, and Emotion (SCOPE) Lab is looking to recruit undergraduate students who are interested in learning more about cognitive neuroscience. We are currently running a study, led by graduate student Paul Bogdan, examining the neural correlates of emotional memory using EEG. Research assistants will be asked to help set up and conduct EEG experiments. No previous research experience is required.

Students can earn PSYC 290 course credit for working in our lab or can choose to apply as a volunteer. To apply, please send an email to Paul Bogdan (pbogda2@illinois.edu) with a completed copy of the application form available at https://psychology.illinois.edu/system/files?file=2022-12/Psychology290_Research_Application.pdf We will be primarily reviewing applications from January 14 January 20 (2023), so please apply quickly. Applicants will receive a decision letter by January 27.

Our lab is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in research and academic spaces. As a team, we actively strive to create an environment where each person feels valued and supported so that they can bring their full self to our lab.


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