Fall 2020 - Patient Narratives and Older Adult Self-care

We are investigating whether narratives about patients accomplishing self-care improves self-care intentions and planning among older adults with diabetes. Narratives about patients who overcome barriers to self-care may help older adults develop effective plans for their own self-care (e.g., related to taking medication or exercising). We will work with older adults to identify barriers to and strategies for accomplishing diabetes self-care, and then develop narratives that incorporate these ideas about self-care. We will then evaluate the impact of these narratives on self-care planning among older adults with diabetes.  Students working on this project will help conduct the interviews, code the resulting transcripts, and develop the narratives.

The study will be conducted via telephone/zoom, since older adults with diabetes will participate.  Preference given to applicants in the area because we will be mailing items to participants and do not want to use international mail.



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