Every semester: PSYC 290 opportunities in the Language Acquisition Lab

A cute toddler and their parent participating in one of our looking-time studies on Zoom.

Every semester, the Language Acquisition Lab seeks responsible, highly motivated students with an interest in language, learning, and children to assist with our research projects. We conduct experiments on word learning, sentence processing, and linguistic adaptation in toddlers, preschoolers, and adults. We need students who are interested in learning both about online data collection (e.g., via Zoom appointment) and in-lab data collection. No previous research experience is required. We recruit new undergraduate RAs in the LA Lab every year, separately for the Fall and Spring semesters and Summer Session II. The best time to apply for Summer or Fall is mid-April, and the best time to apply for Spring is in early November.

We are now finished recruiting new students for Summer and Fall 2024. But we hope you will apply to join us for a future semester!

For more information, please see the lab website listed below, or contact us by email. 


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