Professors Lisa Travis, Caroline Tancredy, Christine Shenouda, and Monica Fabiani awarded grant to establish career resources for specialized faculty.

Winners of the FAST TRACS Grant (left to right) Professors Caroline Tancredy, Lisa Travis, Christine Shenouda, and (not pictured) Monica Fabiani.

Professors Lisa Travis, Caroline Tancredy, Christine Shenouda, and Monica Fabiani have received the Collaborative Mentoring Network for FAculty on Specialized Tracks in Teaching, Research, and Clinical Service (the CMN-FAST TRACS) development grant. The new award will be used to build mentoring networks to support the careers of teaching professors and other specialized faculty members.

These mentoring networks will help connect faculty specializing in teaching, research, or clinical service with expert knowledge across domains. It also will provide training in teaching, research, and clinical best practices and it will support the development of future educational programs. Ultimately, the program will enhance productivity, develop opportunities for promotion, and foster a deeper sense of community.

All four grant awardees play vital roles in student teaching and faculty professional development in the psychology department. Lisa Travis is a senior lecturer and coordinates the introductory psychology course, with enrollments of approximately 2,000 students every year. Caroline Tancredy directs the Master of Science in Psychological Science program. Christine Shenouda is a teaching professor who coordinates all online courses in the department. Monica Fabiani serves as the assistant head of psychology for faculty development.

The resources created by this project will endure beyond the end of the grant, helping future specialized faculty pursue successful and meaningful careers.

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