Professor Sepideh Sadaghiani named Helen Corley Petit Scholar and receives Campus Distinguished Promotion Award


Professor Sepideh Sadaghiani has received the distinction of becoming a Helen Corley Petit named scholar for her outstanding contributions to both education and research. In addition to this honor, she has been selected by the University Provost for the Campus Distinguished Promotion Award. The award recognizes the scope, quality, and impact of Dr. Sadghiani’s research in conjunction with her outstanding performance in teaching, service, and engagement. 

Dr. Sadaghiani’s research has focused on understanding how the coordination of large-scale brain networks supports flexible cognition. She pursues a variety of approaches to querying brain function including pioneering work measuring brain activity with multiple technologies at the same time. Dr. Sadaghiani also excels in teaching and offers popular courses in introductory and advanced neuroimaging at the graduate level. In her contributions to education, she skillfully guides students through understanding the steps needed to conduct brain image analysis and how to critically evaluate such methods. Her work has proven continually impactful to both students and colleagues alike.

Congratulations to Dr. Sadaghiani for these recognitions of her achievements.