Monica Fabiani and Gabriele Gratton's Distinguished Career Award is featured in Psychophysiology


The journal Psychophysiology has published an article honoring Drs. Monica Fabiani and Gabriele Gratton in response to their award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Psychophysiology. Drs. Monica Fabiani and Gabriele Gratton have become the first collaborating scientists awarded the Distinguished Contributions to Psychophysiology Award by the Society for Psychophysiological Research. Established in 1969, the award recognizes sustained and distinguished contributions to Psychophysiology. It represents the highest honor bestowed by the Society and over its 60-year history, only 36 scientists in total have received this award.

Both Dr. Fabiani and Dr. Gratton have made critical discoveries in the cognitive architecture of aging. Their work has independently and jointly expanded our understanding of the mechanisms of cognitive control and provided physiological mechanisms for the association of cardiovascular health and cognitive function. They have pioneered new methodologies to answer questions of brain function across the lifespan and provided new avenues for examining neural dynamics. Their combined work represents some of the most cited pieces of literature in psychophysiology and the impact of their work has fundamentally reshaped the way scientists think about brain function. It is with this history of exemplary contributions that Drs. Fabiani and Gratton become the newest members to receive the prestigious Distinguished Contributions Award.

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