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The Department of Psychology offers two undergraduate majors in Brain and Cognitive Science and Psychology. We also offer a minor in Psychology.

The Psychology Major is a broad-based curriculum within a research-focused department. The program is designed both for students interested in a liberal arts education with psychology as a focal area and for students who plan to attend graduate or professional school either in psychology or in a different field such as medicine, law, social work, business administration, counseling, labor relations and many others.

The Brain and Cognitive Science Major introduces students to a simple question: How do intelligent systems work? Brain and Cognitive Science majors investigate the brain and behavior of intelligent biological systems (e.g. people) from the perspective that the brain is a kind of computer. Consequently, students must learn about how brains and computers work, and how these can explain what we know about mental functions including perception, learning, memory, and language. Brain and Cognitive Science majors make use of discoveries from a number of different disciplines, including psychology, neuroscience, computer science, linguistics, philosophy, and anthropology, and has applications to the development of technology in education, health, language sciences, and design.

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Please consult the Transfer Application Review Process for all transfer requirements. This page deals only with Psychology requirements.

Admission requirements for sophomore transfer include completion of comparable coursework to the following University of Illinois courses: PSYC 100, Introductory Psychology; STAT 100, Statistics. Completion of one additional Psychology course is highly recommended.

Admission requirements for junior transfer include completion of comparable coursework to the following Illinois courses: PSYC 100, Introductory Psychology; STAT 100, Statistics; and two additional Psychology courses.

Sophomore transfers should complete at least two and junior transfers are required to complete at least three Psychology courses with a GPA of 3.0 in those courses prior to transfer, one of which must be an equivalency to PSYC 100, Introductory Psychology, at the University of Illinois. The remaining two must be chosen from any articulated 200-level Psychology course, which may or may not be posted at the Transferology website. Information concerning non-posted courses may be obtained by contacting the Course Articulation Coordinator at 217-333-1891.

Psychology teams up with the Office of Admissions "Visit Programs" to provide departmental-specific information to students/families. Join us for a lively discussion about your potential major.

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