Minor in Psychology

students in classroomstudents in classroomThe Psychology Minor is suitable for students who intend
to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields including business, medicine, law, political science, and education. Students should work with their major advisor to determine the Psychology courses that best fit their interests and career goals.

Questions about a Psychology Minor? E-mail: psych-advising@illinois.edu


Course Requirements (minimum 18 hrs of "PSYC" credit)

Important Notes

**PSYC courses not applied to minor: 

PSYC 290PSYC 340PSYC 341PSYC 398PSYC 492PSYC 494, PSYC 495, PSYC 498, and PSYC 499

**Advanced Hours: All minors require six (6) hours of advanced (300- or 400-level) courses that are not used in any other major or minor. Be aware of minors that share PSYC courses:

Adult Development; African-American Studies; Animal Sciences; Global Markets and Society; Informatics; Integrative Biology; Molecular and Cellular Biology; Philosophy; and Sociology

Declaring the Minor

Minors may be declared at any time during the semester. No registration priority is given to declared minors for restricted courses.

To declare the Psychology Minor, please complete the online LAS form


Major/Minor Information On-Line

The Psychology Advising Office is providing an interactive Powerpoint for you to learn more about the major/minor, how/when to declare, and course requirements.

Questions: psych-advising@illinois.edu