PSYC 100 Proficiency Test

PSYC 100 is our “Introductory Psychology” course, worth 4 credit hours. Students can be granted test-based credit for it by earning a 5 on the AP Psychology exam, by earning a 6 or 7 on the IB Psychology exam, or by receiving a score of 70% or higher on the Psychology 100 Proficiency Exam.


Offered on the first Thursday of each semester at 5:30 pm.


Available to students who have not earned credit in any Psychology course (except for PSYC 199). The test may be taken only once.


There are 200 multiple-choice questions and you must get at least 70% of the questions correct in order to pass the exam and thereby earn PSYC 100 proficiency credit. You will have a maximum of three hours to take the test. "Psychology", 8th Edition, Bernstein, is the textbook used to create the test questions. The Psychology Advising Office has a limited number of textbooks for loan. For availability, please contact our office, Room 12 Psychology Building, 217-333-6478 or


Use the on-line Proficiency Test scheduler to sign up for a slot. You'll receive detailed instructions about what to expect on the test day.

Fall test sign up begins first Monday in June.

Spring test sign up begins first Monday in December.


Within a week of taking the test, you will be contacted through e-mail. If your test score is 70% or higher, you will earn test-based proficiency credit for PSYC 100.

If you have any questions about signing up for the PSYC 100 proficiency exam, please contact the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office at 217-333-6478 or emailing