About Us

Haina Modi, M.S.

Lead Writing Mentor
Office: Room 205, Department of Psychology

Hi there! I am a doctoral candidate in the Developmental division of the Psychology Department and I'm excited help you achieve your writing goals. As a fellow graduate student, I will admit that scientific writing didn't always come easy to me. I remember very early in my graduate career, my drafts would be so filled with revisions from others that I would think, "Did I set the font color to red?" Although the never-ending feedback would prick at my ego, taking the time to understand my mistakes really helped me learn how to write better, communicate more clearly, and most importantly, learn that nobody is a perfect writer. And after many years of making mistakes and learning, I can finally say that although writing can be challenging, it gets easier with time (and practice). As the lead writing mentor, it's my goal to pass along everything I've learned over the years, whether it's managing a big writing project, holding yourself accountable, or just learning how to develop stronger writing skills. And if you ever need an extra set of eyes on a manuscript draft, grant proposal, thought paper, or you just want to vent about how much you dislike writing, I'm here for you.

Happy Writing!

The Psychology Writing Center offers one-on-one consultations, as well as writing groups that are either catered to scientific writing "how to's" or supporting writing fitness (i.e., motivation, productivity, accountability).

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

Our Approach.

The Writing Support Center is one of many resources offered to graduate students in the Department of Psychology, with the goal of providing structure and support for students to become stronger scientific writers.

How are we different than your academic advisor? 

  • Our feedback should supplement, not replace, your advisor's feedback. The goal is to help you feel more confident submitting your work to your advisor. 
  • Showing work to me should not be scary. Sometimes students worry about negative evaluation and hesitate to show drafts to advisors. I'm your peer, and I'm here to help!
  • Your advisor provides very important specialized feedback for your sub-discipline. I provide general feedback on writing in science. 
  • "My advisor is too busy!" I can offer additional support.


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