About Us

Yan Yi Lance Du

Lead Writing Mentor

Hi everyone! I'm Lance, a 3rd-year PhD student in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program. As the writing center TA, my role is to provide developmental feedback on your writing projects through peer sharing and a safe space for learning.

The Psychology Writing Center offers one-to-one consultations for writing support. Whether you are starting a writing project, need an extra pair of eyes on a proposal, or would like a friendly review on your document, please do not hesitate to reach out (psychology.wsc@gmail.com).

Our Approach

The Writing Support Center is one of many resources offered to graduate students in the Department of Psychology, with the goal of providing structure and support for students to become stronger scientific writers.

What can you expect from the Writing Center? 

  • Constructive and honest feedback targeted at helping you achieve your goals
  • Supportive and psychologically safe climate. We recognize there are many ways to write effectively, not just ONE way.
  • Lots of autonomy. You are still in charge of your writing! We provide suggestions, but because you are the writer, only you know what works best for your writing.

How to maximize the support from the Writing Center? 

  • When making an appointment, please email in advance psychology.wsc@gmail.com your request for writing feedback or support. Effective writing feedback takes lots of preparation time! 

How are we different than your academic advisor? 

  • Your advisor provides specialized feedback for your program area. I provide generalist feedback on writing effectively. 


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