About Us

Brianna Bucknor, M.S.

Lead Writing Mentor
Office: Room 205, Department of Psychology


I am a fourth-year doctoral candidate in the Psychology Department's Behavioral Neuroscience area. As a graduate student myself, I am very familiar with the stress, frustration, and eventual reward that comes with the academic writing process. Writing is an essential part of every graduate student's training in order to foster writing skills that will be needed throughout one's entire career—be it academia, industry, or clinical practice.

As the Lead Writing Mentor, I hope to make the task of writing one that is not so daunting. To accomplish this, I will work with graduate students to develop skills and tools that will enable them to overcome common barriers to writing (e.g., writer's block, time management, motivation) in order to successfully accomplish their writing goals. Whether it is undertaking a grant/fellowship application, writing accountability, or developing stronger writing skills, the Writing Support Center will be here to lend support. We offer one-on-one consultations as well as writing support groups that are either catered to fellowship applications or supporting writing fitness (i.e., motivation, productivity, accountability).

I am looking forward to working with the Writing Support Center and helping students fulfill their writing goals for the semester. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

Happy Writing!



Our Approach.

The Writing Support Center is one of many resources offered to graduate students in the Department of Psychology, with the goal of providing structure and support for students to become stronger scientific writers.

How are we different than your academic advisor? 

  • Our feedback should supplement, not replace, your advisor's feedback. The goal is to help you feel more confident submitting your work to your advisor. 
  • Showing work to me should not be scary. Sometimes students worry about negative evaluation and hesitate to show drafts to advisors. I'm your peer, and I'm here to help!
  • Your advisor provides very important specialized feedback for your sub-discipline. I provide general feedback on writing in science. 
  • "My advisor is too busy!" I can offer additional support.


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