Student Research Opportunities

Closes December 16, 2021
We are looking for motivated research assistants interested in learning more about personality research. Our current research project includes completing personality ratings of podcast guests. RAs will gain experience in data entry, personality assessments, and other related research activities. If you are interested in applying, please contact for more information.
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Closes December 26, 2021
Berenbaum Emotion And pSychopathology Team Logo
We are looking for motivated undergraduate students to enroll in PSYC 290 to work on research examining emotion.  We currently have two studies about to begin, one examining the impact of emotion on reasoning and one examining the relation between emotions and goals in daily life.  More studies may be added over the course of the year.  In particular, our lab typically examines the relations between emotion and psychopathology.
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Closes January 5, 2022
The Action Research, and Collaboration (ARC) Team is looking for enthusiastic undergraduate students to join our team. Generally, we only recruit students who are able to register for 290 credits, and we do not take on volunteers. In the fall of 2021, the ARC team is currently recruiting for the following project: A systematic review and meta-analysis of sexual violence against LGBTQ people. For this project, undergraduates will learn about violence against LGBTQ people, conducting systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. This project will involve reading academic articles and then entering...
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Closes May 1, 2022
This research opportunity involves working with intro and advanced graduate students on relevant projects involving emotion processing and cognition. The lab uses techniques including survey data, EEG/ERPs, fMRI, eye-tracking, and neuropsychological tasks. We are looking for students who are motivated, reliable, and interested in our lab's research goals. We encourage all applicants of this nature to apply, regardless of their specific skills or level of experience, as our group can provide a wide variety of opportunities. However, while not required, experience with coding or statistical...
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Closes May 4, 2022
The Cultural Heritage and Racial Identity (CHRI) Lab is seeking undergraduate research assistants to assist in various projects with the overarching goal of understanding protective (e.g., identity and cultural factors) and risk (e.g., racism) factors that play a role in psychological well-being among ethnic minority individuals. Current research projects in the CHRI Lab include the following: SIMS: This study examines how college students of color perceive their social identities and the relationship between these social identities, and whether this may relate to...
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Closes May 25, 2022
Be part of a research team studying the effectiveness of a Saturday STEM program for K-12 students who have been historically marginalized and underrepresented in STEM fields. Research assistants will be involved in survey administration, observations during the Saturday sessions, and other research activities. Please contact if you have any questions.  
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