Student Research Opportunities

Below are the currently available research positions within the psychology department. Many positions will give you the choice to either work in the lab for course credit (PSYC 290) or on a volunteer basis. Always double check with the individual lab. Labs will often update their postings near the beginning or end of a semester, so if you don't see many postings listed currently, please check back soon. You can also visit the research by labs webpage for more information about the topics they research.

How to apply: Check the specific posting(s) you are interested in, and make sure you follow all instructions. To apply for a position, many labs will ask you to complete and send the PSYCH 290 Information Form to a contact email. Additional information and an example email can be found on the guidance for emailing about a PSYC 290 position webpage.

Position posted: December 5, 2023
Post set to expire: May 15, 2024
smiling infant
We seek highly motivated, detail-oriented students who are interested in learning about early social and emotional development while gaining valuable research experience. Undergraduate research assistants will have the opportunity to work alongside faculty, graduate students, and project staff on a study of infant development using new technology developed by our interdisciplinary team. Research activities for the Spring 2024 semester and beyond including (a) annotation of audio recordings of infant and parent vocalizations using Praat software, and (b) coding of video recordings of infant...
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Position posted: February 29, 2024
Post set to expire: June 29, 2024
The Motivation & Meaning Research Lab  is recruiting research assistants   Research Assistants in the M&M Lab help run CREATIVE studies on topics varying from meaning in life to motivation to emotions and intuition. Students interested in a future in personality, social, or clinical psychology, as well as those interested in business administration, human resources, and social...
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Position posted: April 7, 2023
Post set to expire: August 7, 2024
A cute toddler and their parent participating in one of our looking-time studies on Zoom.
Every semester, the Language Acquisition Lab seeks responsible, highly motivated students with an interest in language, learning, and children to assist with our research projects. We conduct experiments on word learning, sentence processing, and linguistic adaptation in toddlers, preschoolers, and adults. We need students who are interested in learning both about online data collection (e.g., via Zoom appointment) and in-lab data collection. No previous research experience is required. We recruit new undergraduate RAs in the LA Lab every year, separately for the Fall and Spring semesters and...
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Position posted: August 14, 2023
Post set to expire: August 13, 2024
We are seeking students interested in gaining experiencing studying the behavioral and neurobiological effects of psychoactive drugs. Please review the lab URL below for information about our studies.  No previous research experience is required, but completion of PSYC 210, and completion or concurrent registration in PSYC 313, is preferred. Students can earn PSYC 290 course credit for their work in our lab or choose to apply as a volunteer. Email Prof....
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