Student Research Opportunities

Below are the currently posted and available 290 research positions. Many labs tend to post openings near the beginning or end of the semester, so if you don't see many listed now, check back. You can also visit the webpage of any laboratory in the department (LINK: and reach out to them about possible positions.

Closes December 5, 2022
Berenbaum Emotion And pSychopathology Team
We are looking for motivated undergraduate students to enroll in PSYC 290 to work on research examining emotion. We are currently conducting two studies. One study is examining the impact of emotion on reasoning and one study is examining the relation between pleasurable emotions and life experiences. More studies may be added over the course of the year.  In particular, our lab typically examines the relations between emotion and psychopathology.   If you are interested in applying to work with us, please contact us at:
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Closes January 20, 2023
We are looking for undergraduates who are interested in gaining research experience and learning more about social and cultural behaviors. Our current projects include topics such as romantic relationships, religion, and morality. Before applying, please review the department profile of Da Eun HanMinjae Seo, and Shoko Watanabe to determine whether your interests match with...
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Closes March 16, 2023
Screenshot from Zoom experiment session with cute child telling us a story.
The Language Acquisition Lab is seeking responsible, highly motivated students with an interest in language and children to assist with our research projects during Spring 2023. We do experiments on word learning, sentence processing, and linguistic adaptation in toddlers, preschoolers, and adults. We need students who are interested in learning both about online data collection (e.g., via Zoom appointment) and in-lab data collection.
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Closes May 20, 2023
Center for Parent-Child Studies - Child Engagement Project
The Center for Parent-Child Studies lab is looking to have undergraduate students join our research team for 290 course credit in the Spring 2023. We are looking for undergraduate students who are interested in understanding children's motivation and achievement in the context of parent-child interactions. In this project, we are trying to understand how children react and behave as well as their general engagement when they were doing math-related tasks in the lab. CPCS lab is looking to recruit undergraduate students who are detail-oriented, hard-working, and motivated to gain more...
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