Student Research Opportunities

Below are the currently available research positions within the psychology department. Many positions will give you the choice to either work in the lab for course credit (PSYC 290) or on a volunteer basis. Always double check with the individual lab. Labs will often update their postings near the beginning or end of a semester, so if you don't see many postings listed currently, please check back soon. You can also visit the research by labs webpage for more information about the topics they research.

How to apply: Check the specific posting(s) you are interested in, and make sure you follow all instructions. To apply for a position, many labs will ask you to complete and send the PSYCH 290 Information Form to a contact email. Additional information and an example email can be found on the guidance for emailing about a PSYC 290 position webpage.

Position posted: March 8, 2023
Post set to expire: March 23, 2023
In the Image Semantics project within the Learning and Language Lab, we are analyzing a video dataset gathered with headcams worn by infants and children, capturing their first person perspectives.  We use these videos to get descriptive measures of the kinds of objects and events that children experience in comparison to how such things are talked about.  Research assistants (RAs) in this project help us code the videos by annotating images with precise graphical outlines and word tags.  Simultaneously, RAs develop research skills by reading and discussing background literature to learn...
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Position posted: January 15, 2023
Post set to expire: May 20, 2023
Dolcos Lab people
The Social, Cognitive, Personality, and Emotion (SCOPE) Lab is looking to recruit undergraduate students who are interested in learning more about cognitive neuroscience. We are currently running a study, led by graduate student Paul Bogdan, examining the neural correlates of emotional memory using EEG. Research assistants will be asked to help set up and conduct EEG experiments. No previous research experience is required. Students can earn PSYC 290 course credit for working in our lab or can choose to apply as a volunteer. To apply, please send an email to Paul Bogdan (...
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Position posted: January 3, 2023
Post set to expire: July 3, 2023
We are looking for students with experience in computer programing to help in creating and administering online experiments. Our lab is engaged in several ongoing projects investigating how people make decisions, search for information, learn from experience, or plan for the future. If you are interested in learning more about the cognitive processes that support decision making, and you have experience with computer programming – especially web-friendly languages like JavaScript and its jsPsych framework – please apply online through the link below....
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Position posted: February 2, 2023
Post set to expire: September 2, 2023
(image from lab website)
In the Vision Lab (co-directed by Dr. Simona Buetti and Dr. Alejandro Lleras), we are interested in understanding fundamental mechanisms in vision and attention, for example, how do people search for something in a visual environment, and what are the factors influencing their perceptions of the visual world around them. We use behavioral measurements, eye-tracking and VR techniques in our research. Please visit our website to learn more about what we do: or contact if you have...
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