Student Research Opportunities

Closes November 17, 2020

The Action, Research, and Collaboration (ARC) Team is looking for enthusiastic undergraduate students to assist in projects focused on different forms of violence.  Students will learn about social problems and develop various research skills. Dedicated students who qualify can potentially work on a distinction project with our team. Generally, we only recruit students who are able to register for 290 credit, and we do not take on volunteers.

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Closes January 11, 2021

The Dolcos Lab is a cognitive neuroscience group that investigates emotional processing, memory, personality, social cognition, and decision-making. Along with these areas, our current research also focuses on emotion regulation, coping skills, and resilience. Prospective applicants should be interested in some or all of these topics. Otherwise, we have similar recruitment expectations as most experimental psychology labs, with an emphasis on timeliness, flexibility, and dependability.

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