Student Research Opportunities

Below are the currently available research positions within the psychology department. Many positions will give you the choice to either work in the lab for course credit (PSYC 290) or on a volunteer basis. Always double check with the individual lab. Labs will often update their postings near the beginning or end of a semester, so if you don't see many postings listed currently, please check back soon. You can also visit the research by labs webpage for more information about the topics they research.

How to apply: Check the specific posting(s) you are interested in, and make sure you follow all instructions. To apply for a position, many labs will ask you to complete and send the PSYCH 290 Information Form to a contact email. Additional information and an example email can be found on the guidance for emailing about a PSYC 290 position webpage.

Position posted: September 19, 2023
Post set to expire: September 30, 2023
We are looking for undergraduates who are interested in gaining research experience and learning more about social and cultural behaviors. Our current projects include topics such as romantic relationships, religion, and morality. Before applying please take time to review the department profile of Da Eun Han and Minjae Seo. If you are interested in conducting social psychology research, and meet the qualification below, please submit your...
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Position posted: September 1, 2023
Post set to expire: September 30, 2023
We are in search of enthusiastic and detail-oriented students who are keen to explore the dynamics of parenting and family interactions and understand their influence on the health of young individuals. This opportunity will provide valuable research experience, and undergraduate research assistants will have the chance to engage in various research activities, including working on research papers and eventually participating in the interviewing and assessment of both parents and young individuals. No prior research experience is necessary, and while an interest in clinical or community...
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Position posted: September 13, 2023
Post set to expire: December 4, 2023
a yellow logo looks like puzzle pieces in the shape of a brain, with the name of the lab below
The Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience of Psychopathology (CANoPy) lab is looking for 2-3 undergraduate research assistants for PSYC 290 credit to help with coordination and data collection of an ongoing EKG study on stress and anxiety. We appreciate prior research experience, but it is not required to apply! Highly qualified applicants can be considered for a more in-depth role in coordination of the study, while other roles involve data collection, interaction with participants, and quality control for collected data. The current study uses computer tasks, EKG, respiration, actigraphy...
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Position posted: August 11, 2023
Post set to expire: December 11, 2023
  The Brain and Cognitive Development Lab at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is seeking a qualified individual to work as a research coordinator.  The lab uses behavioral, electrophysiological (ERP), and optical imaging (fNIRS) techniques to study development in infants, children, and adults. Duties of the research coordinator include: overseeing data collection of studies of cognitive and brain development in infants, children, and adults, managing datasets of various types (neuroscience data, behavioral data, and a participant information database), supervising 5 to 10...
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Position posted: August 17, 2023
Post set to expire: December 17, 2023
Berenbaum Emotion and Psychopathology Team
We are looking for motivated undergraduate students to enroll in PSYC 290 to work on research examining emotion. We are currently conducting several studies examining things like the impact of emotion on reasoning, whether it is possible to increase the experience of pleasurable emotions, and the relation between emotion and excessive behaviors (e.g., excessive scrolling and internet use).  Must be willing to commit a minimum of six hours of work per week on weekdays between 8 am and 8 pm.    If you are interested in applying to work with us, please contact us at:  ...
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Position posted: April 7, 2023
Post set to expire: August 7, 2024
A cute toddler and their parent participating in one of our looking-time studies on Zoom.
Every semester, the Language Acquisition Lab seeks responsible, highly motivated students with an interest in language and children to assist with our research projects. We conduct experiments on word learning, sentence processing, and linguistic adaptation in toddlers, preschoolers, and adults. We need students who are interested in learning both about online data collection (e.g., via Zoom appointment) and in-lab data collection. No research experience is required.  Our lab group is full now for Summer and Fall 2023. But, we recruit new undergraduate assistants in the...
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Position posted: August 14, 2023
Post set to expire: August 13, 2024
We are seeking students interested in gaining experiencing studying the behavioral and neurobiological effects of psychoactive drugs. Please review the lab URL below for information about our studies.  No previous research experience is required, but completion of PSYC 210, and completion or concurrent registration in PSYC 313, is preferred. Students can earn PSYC 290 course credit for their work in our lab or choose to apply as a volunteer. Email Prof....
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