Guidance for emailing about a PSYC 290 position

Subject Line: Some 290 Postings may ask for a specific subject line, so be sure to check the instructions. If the posting does not ask for a specific subject line, make sure to use a short and relevant one. Good examples might be “Application for PSYC 290 research” or “Interest in undergraduate research experience.”

Addressing the recipient: Address the email to the contact person listed in the posting or to the relevant lab. Start your email in a formal way, using an appropriate title. For example, “Dear Prof. XXXX” or if no contact name is provided, “Dear XXXX Laboratory.”

  • When addressing faculty, use “Dear Dr. LASTNAME” or “Dear Professor LASTNAME."
  • When addressing a graduate student or laboratory manager, use "Dear Mx. LASTNAME," "Dear Ms. LASTNAME," or "Dear Mr. LASTNAME." Note that you should use “Dear Mx. LASTNAME” if you do not know their gender identity.

Email content: At the start of your email, let the contact know who you are. It’s a good idea to include a statement about why you are emailing them and to include any other information they requested in the posting. Let them know you look forward to hearing from them, and include a formal closing. Be sure to attach the completed application form.

Example email:

Dear Prof. LASTNAME,

I hope you are doing well. My name is Jane Smith, and I am a sophomore Psychology major. I am interested in joining a research lab to gain more experience in psychology. I saw your lab's posting on the Student Research Opportunities website, and the topic really interested me. I have attached my application. I’m happy to follow up and answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,




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