Underrepresented Research Fellowships debuted this Fall semester


This fall, the Psychology Department created two new Fellowships designed to support underrepresented and first-generation college students. The goal is to lessen financial burdens that would preclude talented psychology students from gaining valuable research experience.

Each year, one student will be selected for the Advanced Research Opportunity Honors Fellowship. This fellowship provides support over three semesters of undergraduate research conducted toward the completion of an honors thesis in psychology. 

Three students will be selected for the Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Psychological Science each year. The fellowship is aimed at attracting underrepresented minorities to psychology research training environments and providing them support within these training environments to ensure career development and learning. In addition to lab involvement, the program features monthly group coaching, social support, and professional development meetings led by a graduate student (either in the identified research mentor’s lab or with related research interests to the Undergraduate Research Fellow).

We hope to attract an even more diverse group of talented students to research in psychological science and provide experiences they can leverage for graduate school and beyond.

Learn more about the details of the fellowships and application requirements HERE.


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