Andrew D. Case Wins the Global Alliance for Behavioral Health and Social Justice Vera Paster Award



Andrew’s research examines: a) the impact of marginality on the health and life outcomes of ethnic minority populations, and b) the collective processes by which members of these populations are resilient in the face of marginality (e.g., counterspace involvement). Andrew was mentored by Carla Hunter and his dissertation title was: More than Meets the Eye: Exploring a Black Cultural Center as a Counterspace for African American College Students.


The Vera Paster Award is presented annually to a graduate student or post-graduate resident or fellow in a behavioral health or social justice program.  Recipients of the Award have engaged or are engaging in work that contributes significantly to the social, education, physical, or psychological well-being of persons of color, thereby promoting their empowerment and ameliorating disadvantage from oppression and its effects. ...

The Award recognizes the work of Vera S. Paster, PhD, president of the American Orthopsychiatric Association from 1986-1987.  In 2000, the Award was redesigned to recognize the extraordinary work of trainees engaged in poor and ethnic minority communities. ...

Persons selected as Global Alliance Paster Fellows exhibit several or all of the following criteria:

  • Exhibits unusual creativity, initiative and commitment to serving communities of color,
  • Engages in actions that exceed typical expectations of students or trainees,
  • Displays a thoughtful and progressive understanding of the context of communities of color,
  • Designs, organizes or implements activities that advance mental health and social justice,
  • Contributes significantly to the social, educational, physical or psychological well-being of persons of color,
  • Promotes empowerment and ameliorates disadvantages from oppression and its effects.



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