Patrick T Vargas


Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising
Professor, Institute of Communications Research

Recent Publications

Okazaki, S., Taylor, C. R., Vargas, P. T., & Henseler, J. (2019). Disasters, hope and globalization: exploring self-identification with global consumer culture in Japan. International Marketing Review, 36(5), 726-747.

Oh, S., Yoon, S., & Vargas, P. T. (2019). “In-depth” incidental exposure: How processing difficulty and processing style affect evaluations of transparent overlay images. European Journal of Marketing.

Yoon, G., & Vargas, P. T. (Accepted/In press). The Subtle Influence of Check and X Marks: How Symbolic Markings Influence Judgment. Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Vargas, P. T., Duff, B., & Faber, R. J. (2017). A Practical Guide to Experimental Advertising Research. Journal of Advertising, 46(1), 101-114.

Biegler, P., & Vargas, P. T. (2016). Feeling Is Believing: Evaluative Conditioning and the Ethics of Pharmaceutical Advertising. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, 13(2), 271-279.

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