Agnes (Aggie) Rieger


Agnes (Aggie) Rieger works with Dr. Nicole Allen to research sexual violence, intimate partner violence, provider experiences, and community settings. She is a first year student in the Clinical-Community Psychology PhD program. 

Previously, Rieger worked under the direction of Drs. Paul Crits-Christoph and Mary Beth Connolly Gibbons at the Center for Psychotherapy Research (University of Pennsylvania), primarily coordinating research on depression treatment in the community mental health setting. Rieger earned her B.A. in Psychology with honors from Wellesley College, where she worked with Dr. Sally Theran on research involving a local girls’ leadership camp, and with Dr. Beth Hennessey on attitude change and creativity.

Rieger’s undergraduate mental health advocacy has been recognized by the Jordan Porco Foundation (Student Mental Health Advocate of the Year, 2017) and she was the Women Organized Against Rape Volunteer of the Year (2018). Perhaps most importantly: Aggie enjoys throwing murder mystery dinner parties, making noise on the trumpet, and crocheting small dinosaurs. 


Wellesley College, B.A. in Psychology 

University of Pennsylvania, Certificate in Professional Writing 

Highlighted Publications

Crits-Christoph, P., Rieger, A., Gaines, A., & Connolly Gibbons, M. B. (in press). Trust and respect in the patient-clinician relationship: Preliminary development of a new scale. BMC Psychology.

Rieger, A., Gaines, A., Barnett, I., Baldassano, C. F., Connolly Gibbons, M. B., & Crits-Christoph, P. (2019). Psychiatry outpatients’ willingness to share social media and smartphone data for research and clinical purposes: Survey study. JMIR Formative Research, 3(3), e14329. doi:10.2196/14329

Gibbons, M.B., Gallop, R., Thompson, D., Gaines, A., Rieger, A., & Crits-Christoph, P. (2019). Predictors of treatment attendance in cognitive and dynamic therapies for major depressive disorder delivered in a community mental health setting. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 87(8), 745-755. doi:10.1037/ccp0000414

Crits-Christoph, P., Wadden, S., Gaines, A., Rieger, A., Gallop, R., McKay, J.R., & Gibbons, M.B. (2018). Symptoms of anhedonia, not depression, predict the outcome of treatment of cocaine dependence. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 92, 46-50.

Crits-Christoph, P., Gallop, R., Gaines, A., Rieger, A., & Gibbons, M.B. (2018). Instrumental variable analyses for causal inference: Application to multilevel analyses of the alliance-outcome relation. Psychotherapy Research. Available online: