High School Students

Thank you for your interest in Psychology at Illinois. Some of you may have formally encountered the study of Psychology through a high school class, the Advanced Placement test, or a community college class. Others may be intrigued with the behaviors of people around them, recently read a good book, or been entranced by a television show or movie.

The Illinois Psychology program is the scientific study of human and animal behavior. Psychologists study behavior in systems ranging from single cells to the individual person, from small groups to communities. Psychologists strive to describe behavior and to understand its underlying biological and social mechanisms.

Psychology students apply their understanding to all aspects of society: research, law, non-profit, medical, therapy, counseling, sales, marketing, human resources, education, etc.  The broadness of the undergraduate program provides many options for students when they graduate, including: employment in education, business environments, social service agencies, or more schooling at the masters or doctoral level.

Please be sure to consult the Programs of Study to learn more about the Psychology program.

Psychology teams up with the Office of Admissions "Visit Programs" to provide departmental-specific information to students/families. Join us for a lively discussion about your potential major.