Illinois Students - How to declare the major

The Majors

Become familiar with the two majors (Brain and Cognitive Science and Psychology).  Psychology majors can specialize in areas including Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical/Community, Cognitive, Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental, Diversity Science, Intradisciplinary, Organizational, Social, and Personality Psychology.

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How To Declare Psychology

Students must complete one course from each of the following categories before declaring the major.

Introductory Psychology

  • Complete an introductory psychology course (PSYC 100 or equivalent).

UIUC Biological/Cognitive Psychology Course

CCDDOPS - Clinical/Community/Developmental/Diversity/Personality/Social Course

Single Major, Double Major, Dual Degree?

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) students wishing to have Psychology as your only major or as a second major: you'll be making a curricular change.
  • Non-LAS Illinois students wishing to have Psychology as your only major: you'll be seeking an Intercollegiate Transfer (ICT).
  • Non-LAS Illinois students wishing to keep their current major and have Psychology as well: you'll be seeking a Second Degree.

Where to DeclareLincoln Hall

If you meet the above criteria, you can formally declare Brain & Cognitive Science or Psychology as a major by visiting the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) college office in Room 2002 Lincoln Hall during the first two weeks of each semester or the month preceding registration (October & March). LAS students can also declare by completing the appropriate online form. Intercollegiate Transfer students will first need to attend or view an LAS ICT Information Session.

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