MSPS Curriculum


The program includes a core curriculum required of all students, and an elective curriculum tailored to student interests and training needs. In a typical course of study, students complete the core credit hours during their first year, along with beginning research work. Students select elective courses in their second year and continue to participate in research work. Not all courses are offered all years and some students might choose elective classes in their first year that will not be offered in their second year.

This web page is only for informational purposes. Official program requirements should be obtained from the Graduate Admissions Office, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois, 603 East Daniel Street, Champaign, Illinois 61820.

Department of Psychology MSPS Student Handbook

Graduate College Handbook

Typically, students select electives that are consistent with a focus area:

  • Data Analysis and Research Practices
  • Applied and General Psychology
  • Customized (a combination of courses that fit a student’s interests and goals)


Core Coursework (20 credit hours)

Core courses include graduate statistics, research methods training, and professional development.


Elective Coursework (A minimum of 12 credit hours)

Elective courses include a variety of graduate-level course offerings that are consistent with student interests.

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all coursework, and all coursework must be taken for a grade if available (students may not elect to take courses credit/no-credit). 

Please contact for additional information.

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