Pre-approval travel forms

Travel reimbursement


Log-in to TEM with Enterprise ID and Password.

  • Select the My Documents tab.
  • Select Create New: Expense Report and begin entering the information requested in the required fields.
  • To edit a report, click the View/Edit Document icon (it looks like a pencil) and review the Expense Report details.
  • In the View/Edit Document mode, once you are satisfied with the information, submit the Expense Report using the green Submit button in the upper right hand corner of the open Expense Report.
  • Bring all your supporting receipts and documentation to Brenda Reinhold.

If you have questions or problems, please contact Brenda Reinhold, or you can follow this link to the TEMS Resource Page

To assign a proxy:

  • After logging in to TEM, select the My Info link
  • Choose the Creator Proxy tab
  • Select Expense Report in the Application drop down
  • Enter the netid of the person you'd like to set up as your proxy
  • Click the Add Proxy command button