How Do I Buy Goods or Services?

The business office staff members are here to help! Asking the business office before making a commitment to purchase anything will result in the most expedient procurement experience possible while ensuring departmental compliance.  The business office staff have specialized training on the ever-changing procurement policies, rules, and regulations, and they'll assist you in navigating through the process.

On a Purchasing Worksheet list the catalog number, a brief description of the item being ordered, and the dollar amount. Turn the worksheet and any applicable quotes, pricing sheets, etc. to Brenda Reinhold in Room 327 and she, or one of her procurement staff, will place the order.  For more complicated procurement situations, please consult Victoria or Brenda for guidance.

Important Notes: Never sign an agreement! Only the comptroller, or an authorized comptroller delegate can sign on behalf of the university.  Never agree to terms and conditions via a click-through agreement.  Pay no sales tax on purchases from vendors registered in Illinois. Purchasers should emphasize the University's tax-exempt status and exemption number when placing telephone orders. Purchases from vendors outside of Illinois may or may not be exempt. The University has reciprocity with the following states: Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. See the OBFS website for more information.