COVID-19 Resources

The campus policies and resources during the pandemic are evolving. Please check back regularly for updates.

Requirements for Returning to Campus

Before returning to campus you must take the COVID-19 Safety training provided by DRS.

The SHIELD: Target, Test, Tell team has determined that, in order to reduce the chance of exposure during this initial period when a larger volume of people are returning to campus at once, students, faculty and staff are required to have completed a test and received a negative result before being allowed to access university classrooms, buildings and facilities.

Everyone is asked to test twice weekly (and some high risk groups will be asked to test 3 times a week) being sure to test and receive results every four days.  For more information of the campus testing policy see the On-campus COVID-19 testing page.

The University strongly recommends that all faculty, staff and students download and use the Safer Illinois App in order to maximize safety for ourselves and for one another as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.


General Information

Below you will find information and resources potentially relevant to all campus affiliated individuals

Information for Undergraduates

Student taking notes in class

Our undergraduate student body has unique needs for effectively navigating campus activities during the pandemic. Here you will find resources that have been identified as specifically pertinent to undergraduate students. If you have any curriculum-related concerns that are not addressed in the information here or in the general information section, we encourage you to reach out to your academic advisor for further information.

Information for Graduate Students

student studying on laptop on grass outside

Graduate students juggle many things throughout the their time at the University. Responding to the changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic adds another layer of complexity to that. To help our grad student adjust to these shifts, we have compiled a list of information of particular relevance to our graduate student body.

Resources for Faculty

Professor teaching class

Faculty may be facing their own set of challenges as they adjust their various responsibilities at work and at home. Here you will find resources for helping faculty respond to this shift in demands. We also encourage faculty who interact with or mentor undergraduate and graduate students to look at the resources gathered above to help their students navigate their campus responsibilities during the pandemic.

Resources for Staff

staff preparing an Illinois banner

Our staff keep the campus running smoothly and form the backbone of University activities. We value the effort all of our campus staff have made to create a safe and productive work and learning environment as the campus adapts to the changing situation. We also recognize that our campus staff may have needs that are unique to their position within our community. Below you will find resources that have been gathered that may be particular relevant for staff activities.

Mental Health Resources

hands holding a mound of soil with a seedling growing out the top

The current pandemic has resulted in drastic changes to how we interact with one another and has caused widespread and serious impacts on people's lives. This has implications for both physical and mental health. People vary in both their experiences of and responses to the current situation and increased feelings of distress are a normal reaction. Below are links to resources that can help support resilience during challenging times.

COVID Testing

close up picture of blue capped saliva collection test tubes in a styrofoam rack

As part of the campus effort to maintain the safety of our community with students convening for the fall semester, the University has instituted mandatory COVID-19 testing policies. Read below for more information about who must engage in regular testing, how often, and where free testing can be accessed.