Pre-approval travel forms

*Travel must be approved in advance. Please keep a copy of your approved travel forms (especially for international travel), as the business office may need to submit those to Payables for reconciliation/reimbursement transactions to be approved.*


International Travel

Faculty/researchers/staff/students: use this online form for international travel approval LAS International Travel Request

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has revised the International Travel Safety Policy (CAM HR-39). The revised policy introduces new requirements and guidelines for university-related international travel.


Campus Required Checklist for all travel abroad

International Insurance: All university employees and all undergraduate and graduate Students participating in University-Related International Travel must enroll in the University-Approved International Insurance. Students, Faculty, and Staff enroll travel at

  • The University of Illinois System pays the premiums for Faculty and Staff. Undergraduate and graduate Student travel is the responsibility of the student. Units will pay the premium fee for travel conducted in the course of assistantship responsibility. PI's, faculty, and mentors may have funding that they'd like to use to cover student insurance fees. Student travel insurance fees can be found here:


Questions about International Insurance, enrollment assistance, high-risk activities, and related questions may be directed to International Safety and Security at


Export Control Policy

The Export Control Policy establishes the criteria and process for university-related travel to comply with Federal export controls. For more information, please visit the University of Illinois Export Control website. In addition, individuals should review the university’s information on managing foreign influence.



Travel reimbursement


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