How Do I Buy Goods or Services?

The business office staff members are here to help! Asking the business office before making a commitment to purchase anything will result in the most expedient procurement experience possible while ensuring compliance. The business office staff have specialized training on the ever-changing procurement policies, rules, and regulations, and they'll assist you in navigating the process.


Please submit purchase requests via the Purchasing App…a one-stop shop for all communications regarding order requests (including order confirmations and tracking information). Quotes, URL’s, etc. can all be scanned and uploaded to the portal application.


Important Notes: Never sign an agreement! Only the comptroller, or an authorized comptroller delegate can sign on behalf of the university.  Never agree to terms and conditions via a click-through agreement.  When making purchases on behalf of the university system, purchasers should present the university's tax-exempt status letter/exemption number to avoid paying sales tax on business purchases. Purchases from vendors outside of Illinois may or may not be exempt. The University has reciprocity with the following states: Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. See the Business and Finance website for more information.