PSYC 494 - Advanced Research in Psychology

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PSYC 494 research follows PSYC 290 and involves more extensive laboratory experiences. This experience also allows students the opportunity to study topics in greater depth. Psych 494 involves writing a scholarly paper that must be at least 4 pages / credit hour and demonstrate your ability to think critically about issues associated with your research. PSYC 494 credit is letter graded (A-F) and counts as "advanced hours" in LAS. These hours can be used toward your Psychology and LAS requirements, although PSYC 494 hours cannot be used to meet requirements for the minor in Psychology. You may also write a Bachelor's Thesis in PSYC 494 in consultation with the faculty member supervising your research.

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After receiving permission to participate in PSYC 494 from a lab, use the online PSYC 494 Approval Form to begin the registration process. You may register for 1-4 credit hours in PSYC 494. The College of LAS allows students to earn up to 12 hours in PSYC 494 (18 total hours of independent study). 



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