PSYC 492 Capstone Undergraduate Research

capstone project1PSYC 492 Capstone Undergraduate Research is a two semester program that has been created to facilitate the preparation of a Bachelor’s Thesis for senior Psychology majors that are not in the Honors program. Psychology majors take the course in the fall and spring of their senior year.  This is an opportunity to enhance your research skills but not a graduation requirement

This course helps students gain an in-depth, background knowledge of their research, and teaches students to make effective oral and written presentations of their findings.

The fall semester emphasizes a review of the literature, and the spring semester concentrates capstone2on the presentation of the results both orally and in the Bachelor’s Thesis.

Students that have a 3.0 GPA (both in Psychology and overall) and have their Bachelor’s Thesis approved by the distinction committee, are awarded Distinction in Psychology at graduation.

Students must have completed at least one semester of PSYC 290 and found a faculty research supervisor before entering PSYC 492.

Complete the PSYC 492 Capstone Approval Form to receive authorization to register. 


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