Professor Caroline Tancredy Receives The Campus Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring

Photo by Michelle Hassel

Professor Caroline Tancredy has received the Campus Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring, recognizing her work as Director of the Department of Psychology's Masters of Science in Psychological Science program.

The Master of Science in Psychological Science (MSPS) degree prepares emerging scholars for doctoral-level work or jobs in the industry through engagement in advanced coursework, collaborative research with world-renowned scholars, and professional development targets to master's students' goals.

Dr. Caroline Tancredy was instrumental in starting this program in 2017 and has taken great care to foster an encouraging atmosphere. "Above all, I am proud of the community we build in the program. We meet once a week for professional development, which serves as a kind of cohort lab meeting. Students represent multiple program areas, allowing us to learn about psychological science outside of our specializations. We create a space where we can comfortably confront the ways we need to develop as scientists, communicators, and collaborators. We support each other as we prepare for our next steps, providing feedback on application materials and assuring each other that, one way or another, we will find meaning in our work."

Through this course of action, "Many of our students stay in close contact after they graduate, and I make sure they know that they can continue to regard me as a mentor and advocate for their success. As a result, our community includes a fantastically generous group of alumni," Tancredy adds.

Those who have witnessed her work firsthand know how much detail she puts into the curriculum while still being available outside the classroom.

"Dr. Tancredy's mentoring provides both the structure and the listening ear her students need to succeed. She challenges students to set explicit goals for their scholarly work and to evaluate their progress systematically," said Cynthia Fisher, Associate Head and Director of Graduate Studies. "She gives them plain-spoken messages about what their professional aspirations require them to learn and to do and training on best practices in our field. At the same time, her inclusive, warm, and supportive mentoring ensures that each student feels supported and valued throughout the process."