Gary Wszalek Receives the LAS Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising


Gary Wszalek has played a significant role in advising the students in our department for over the last twenty-two years. He strives to ensure each student is comfortable with their decision to become a psychology major.

"Our office tries to create a fall semester of classes that allows them to do as much exploration as possible. The goal is we want you to get a degree. I don't get a commission whether students stay in psychology or not. I want you to be in the place that best suits you."

He helps students navigate their courses and career preparation and supervises the department's other academic advisors. On top of that, he developed and continues refining a psychology orientation course required of all incoming first-year psychology majors.

This is Gary's third time winning this award. Before coming to psychology, he succeeded in '96-'97 during his second year of employment with the Biology department. We were lucky enough to recruit him to Sixth and Daniel, where he secured his second award in' 09-'10.

We are grateful for Gary's contributions to the department and congratulate him for this well-deserved third recognition.


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