Estella N. Lee Receives the Raymond B. Cattell Scholarship



The Raymond B. Cattell Scholarship in Psychology was established by Dr. Samuel Krug (MA’68; PhD’71) in honor of Professor Raymond Cattell who served as his advisor and friend through graduate school. 

The recipient, Estella Lee is majoring in clinical psychology. 

During this semester, Estella has been a member of the University Psychology Association (UPA), NAMI, and Christians On Campus (COC). She participated in the fundraising activity of UPA for the JED Foundation and signed up for the Bandana Project, which is a Mental Health Outreach Project that NAMI has been working with.

She hopes to continue a path in forensic psychology for graduate school and pursue a related career in the future. Estella plans on minoring in Criminology, Legal Study, and double major in Political Science. 

Estella will be taking two courses this summer to prepare herself for her academic plans. She will also be interning at COC and training to volunteer for Crisis Text Line. 

Congratualtions, Estella!