The James E. Spoor Scholarship Recipients



James E. Spoor is a distinguished alumnus of the Department of Psychology and the University of Illinois. The scholarships are a gift by his wife, Mrs. Nancy Spoor, to honor her husband and help worthy undergraduate students.

The Honors Program is a three-semester sequence of courses designed to offer outstanding undergraduates an opportunity to do sustained scholarly work on a specific research project, culminating in the preparation of an undergraduate Bachelor’s thesis, and a poster presentation at the Honors Program Fair. Students who complete the program graduate with “Honors in Psychology.”

The following students have achieved this designation.


Nadine Alkharrat

Eddie Caumiant

Esha Desai

Kenna Ducoff

Laura Hernandez

Wen Li

Maya Moseley

Neil Mueller

Samantha Nardella

Michelle Nutlis

Rosalie Ruhlman

Bansari Upadhyay

Sanjana Venkataraman


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