A statement regarding prejudice against Asians and Asian Americans


As we collectively grapple with COVID-19, the Department of Psychology wants to acknowledge the rise of anti-Asian (especially anti-Chinese) xenophobic profiling and racist attacks that are affecting many Asian Americans (particularly those who appear East Asian) across the nation. 

We unequivocally denounce discrimination or expressions of hate or violence toward any group, and especially toward Asian or Asian American students, staff, and faculty. Racist words and actions are harmful and undermine preventing the spread of this global virus. 

To our Asian and Asian American community members: You are not alone. The Department of Psychology stands with all members of our community and is here to provide support if you are in need of assistance. 

We understand that these are challenging times. We want to emphasize that in the coming weeks and months we are strongest as a community. Furthermore, we continue our commitment to embracing and supporting human diversity. 

More information about the Psychology Department’s commitment can be found here: https://psychology.illinois.edu/diversity/commitment-diversity

More information about the University’s commitment can be found here: http://inclusiveillinois.illinois.edu/mission.html

Below, we provide resources that might be useful for learning more about how to combat anti-Asian bias:

-The Asian American Cultural Center has provided links to a number of relevant articles on their Facebook page.

-An open-source syllabus has been created that contains resources for addressing anti-Asian bias associated with the coronavirus.

-You can share experiences of racism that you have witnessed or personally faced more broadly at this website

-More information about the university’s non-discrimination policy, and information about submitting racial discrimination and harassment claims, can be found here.

-We also encourage everyone to check in with Asian and Asian American friends who may be in need of assistance, especially those with family in Asia, those who are isolated here away from family, and those who may have experienced anti-Asian harassment.

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