Psychology PhD Financial Information

The Psychology Department provides financial support for at least six years to all continuing students in the doctoral program who are "in good standing," even though students often complete the doctoral degree in 4-5 years. Students are in good standing when they are making adequate progress toward their doctoral degrees as determined by the Division in which they are enrolled. This support is typically in the form of an academic year (9-month) 50%-time research or teaching assistantship, traineeship, or fellowship. Students receive a stipend for the nine-month appointment, and tuition and service fee waiver. 

The Graduate College provides additional information about assistantships and fellowships. Teaching assistants and graduate assistants are represented by the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO).

If students are interested in obtaining additional aid, more information is available on the Office of Student Financial Aid Website.


Additional Information for International Applicants

Even with the financial support offered by the department to doctoral students, it has been determined insufficient to cover what is needed per visa regulations. At current rates, the department support guarantee is $1,000 short of the funds required.  International applicants are required to complete the financial certification section2 of the application before an offer of admission can be extended.  Applicants may elect to complete this section and upload documentation at the time of application, or wait until the review process has been completed. 



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