Fabian Camarena (BS'95)

Fabian Camarena

I chose psychology as a major because I was interested in the cause and effect of human behavior and interactions. As a psychology major, the college advising department encouraged me to take electives outside the department of psychology, the best advice I ever received! I could not have imagined that this advice would lead me to a career in finance and accounting.

After graduation, I landed my first job with the community outreach department of a large national bank. My psychology degree made me an easy fit to "connect" with our target audience. At least that was what my manager said about me. This opportunity exposed me to other areas of the bank and the business electives I was encouraged to take as an undergrad, gave me the confidence to seek more opportunities.

I am currently a Director of Finance for a Fortune 50 insurance company and a Cerfified Public Accountant. There is no doubt that my psychology background has given me a competitive advantage over my business peers and has been instrumental in my career advancement. My listening and people management skills are a direct reflection of the principles and disciplines I learned as a psychology undergrad.

Personally, I consider my psychology degree more valuable than my business degrees and certifications.